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Virtual Class >> The Printed Output
The Printed Output of the Virtual Training Classes by the V.M. Bronnikov Method.
Vestnik Akademii
Issue N1, 2005
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        A collection of the articles by the Method. PHILOSOPHY – «Time to Displace the Rocks» (V.M. Bronnikov). PSYCHOLOGY – «Psychological Mechanisms of the Business Success» (V.M. Bronnikov); «One of the diseases of globalization» (V.M. Bronnikov, L.D. Dozorina). SCIENCE – «Physics Admits the Super-mind» (A.Y. Akimov); «On the So-Called Alternative Vision or Direct Vision Phenomenon» (N.P. Bekhtereva, L.Y. Lozhnikova, S.G. Dan'ko, L.A. Melyucheva, S.V. Medvedev, S.Zh. Davitaya); «Phenomena of Seeing with Closed Eyes: Research Problems and Results» (Y.P. Pytiyev); «The Main Objective Is Formation of the New Human» (Y.A. Fomin.); «Possibility of Diagnosing the Tumor Masses for Animals by V.M. Bronnikov Method» (V.M. Bronnikov, V.S. Gigauri, L.Y. Lozhnikova); «Human Brain Is a Unique Device for Intravital Study of Intact Cells Biopolymer Supramolecular Structure by V.M. Bronnikov Method» (T.S. Aglintsyan, M.I. Bashkirov, V.M. Bronnikov, L.Y. Lozhnikova, A.A. Tarumyan); «Ageing and Immortality» (Y.M. Ternovsky). ETHICS, AESTHETICS, RELIGION – «Ethical Stage of Spiritual Insight» (L.N. Nemirovskii); «The Way of Metahistorical Rise of Mankind and V.M. Bronnikov Method» (Father Feodor, Archbishop of Yaroslav and Sergiyev-Posad); «Some Ways of Turning Over the World InsideYou» (R.L. Ishakov).

Number of pages - 104. Text is in Russian.

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