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Science >> N.P.Bekhtereva >> Academicians Experiment on the Third Eye
Academician's Experiment on the Third Eye

«Rossiyskaya gazeta» 28.06.2002, no. 115 (2983), Friday

A committee of Russian physiologists came to a sensational conclusion having examined the graduates of the alternative vision school. Experiments which were held in the strictest way made the scholars with their materialistic views to admit that eyes are not necessary for seeing.

It's enough to say that it was Natalia Petrovna Bekhtereva, one of the world's most competent experts in human brain, who headed this committee. And these were the students of Viacheslav Mikhailovich Bronnikov who were examined. Bronnikov's Method of teaching to see without one's eyes has always raised doubts of all physiologists, physicians and sensible people in general; and it still does. Only some of the scholars can ignore the possible mockery of their sensible colleagues and bring themselves to restraining their feelings and admitting what is obvious though unbelievable.

Yuri Petrovich Pytiyev, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical sciences, professor of the Moscow State University, is one of these courageous scholars. A few years ago when Bronnikov had but two students Pytiyev had tested them on request of Viacheslav Mikhailovich. The results were astonishing. Those young "phenomenons" could not only read any text with a tight bandage on their eyes, not only discern clearly the surroundings, but they could also send their "eyes" through a light-proof obstacle, for instance, a wall separating two rooms, and see what is happening there. I put the word "eyes" in quotation marks intentionally, for the boys had a feeling that they can use their eyes in a "free-flying operation". But in fact their eyes stayed with them, and this means that visual information was founded on some other physical phenomenon. Bronnikov was actually asking Pytiyev, a physicist, to try to find out what this phenomenon is. But Pytiyev did not cope with this task.

"I held the experiments correctly to the maximum", Yuri Petrovich told me. Any tricks in the manner of David Copperfield or Emil Kio are out of the question. Facts are established firmly: yes, people have other ways of receiving visual information in addition to eyes. And teaching to use them is possible. But what are those ways and on what principles they work… alas, I failed to clear it out. It requires a big group of professional physicists, physicians, physiologists. That is why I gave up this work hoping that as time goes by more knowledge would be gained and other researchers would solve this riddle.

It's not that now we dispose of more knowledge about human brain, but nevertheless there appeared a group of serious physiologists who got interested in this phenomenon. And there were some objective reasons for that. The Bronnikov's school keeps working, more and more people master the alternative vision and graduate from it, and some of them are blind people who have finally learnt to read and to see their surroundings. Moreover, the Bronnikov Method of training to see with one's eyes closed is already put into practice in other cities of Russia. Those who are engaged in this assure that such ability can be obtained by anybody; he only should be trained to do this. And if this is really so, the problem is already outside the scope of medicine, it is gaining social importance. For if there appear people for whom no walls of concrete, no armored safes, and no cartridge paper of sealed envelopes can guard the secrecy, this must result in changing the usual social relations. Especially as the number of such people increases and it is quite possible that this ability of "seeing without eyes" will be inherited at the genetic level.

Thus the scholars had reasons to treat this phenomenon seriously. Physiologists headed by Bekhtereva examined seven teenagers from 10 to 17 years old who had been trained in the alternative vision. Those teenagers had various "usual" vision levels, some of them saw everything perfectly well, and some of them were almost blind.

The examination was held the way to eliminate all doubts. No devilry like "throwing" the eyes through the wall: after all, the scholars who assembled for this committee are all serious people. The subjects' faces were completely covered by a mask made of opaque fabric. Then texts from books, leaflets and advertisements or letters and figures appearing on a computer's display were offered for reading. Books were absolutely conventional ones, and subjects were to read them in the usual way without touching pages as not unknown Rosa Kuleshova used to read in her times. The observers were sitting within three meters from teenagers; there could be no contact between them. Briefly speaking, the conditions of this experiment made any fraud impossible.

Alternative vision does not appear automatically, it must be "turned on" by a conation, and that is what those subjects were doing at the experimentalists' signal. In this state they could read easily any text, discern any sign, and orientate themselves in an unknown room. And scholars registered their brains' electroencephalograms in a "normal" state and while reading with their eyes closed. It appeared that with the alternative vision turned on the frequency of our brain's electric activity became higher, especially in frontal regions of head. This proves active work. Apparently the brain reforms its "operating regime" and starts using its supercapacities.

Thus, the authoritative Russian scholars could not but admit that alternative vision really exists. And this matter involves not a phenomenon, not unique abilities of some people, but a method, because one can learn how to see without eyes. In article published in Fiziologiya Cheloveka magazine the scholars use the term "direct vision", that is, vision which passes over usual optic canal with no projection of the image on the eye retina. At the same time the brain cells must be activated directly by environment factors, say, by electromagnetic waves. But there is another hypothesis set up in this article: "Not insisting on the verity of the working hypotheses, with minimum transition out of the reality, it can be suggested preliminarily that alternative vision is realized with the help of the skin. There is no direct evidence for this, but there are several indirect ones."

Here are some of those indirect evidences. During the embryonic development skin is formed from the same anlage with the nervous system. Those who master the alternative vision are trained to compare the skin sensations with the color and other properties of the object. Besides, in nature there already exists the phenomenon of vision by the body surface; some marine invertebrates and butterflies see by their skin. Researchers assume that the learning of alternative vision involves not only the expression of potential properties of the skin but also relearning of the brain. This may be an expression of its supercapacities. However having set up this hypothesis the authors have stressed that it is only prior and rather shaky.

Bekhtereva told me the same when I telephoned to Saint-Petersburg to speak with her. Or rather she refused to add anything to what is set in the article at all:

"Please, try to understand that it is all so uncommon that we simply have no explanations. We have established the fact and described it. This is all for now."

"Natalia Petrovna, will you please answer just one question. Yes, you have described the fact, but at heart you are sure that this is no phenomenon, no charisma of peculiar people, but a quality of our brain that everybody has, one of the great supercapacities of which we have not suspected till now, aren't you?"

She kept silent for a moment, and then said abruptly: "Yes."

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