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  The wisdom of the East teaches us that the energy follows the thoughts, and blood follows the energy. And at the same time the wise people ask, "Are all your thoughts actually yours?"

Inside our bodies the divine triunity of sub-consciousness, consciousness and super-consciousness forms the energoinformational processes of which we do not really know much.

Everybody knows about sub-consciousness, i.e. about our physical body. Knowledge about this part of our organism with its cells, tissues and organs can be set within the borders of natural anatomy and physiology. The bodies of consciousness and super-consciousness are considered by abstractedly-logical anatomy. And though the body of sub-consciousness exists in the reality of substance, the bodies of consciousness and super-consciousness are not revealed to us and exist only in non-substantial reality. Nobody questions the existence of this non-substantial and unrevealed world. There exist a field which joins the substantial and non-substantial fields; it is called Bardo in the East.

Really, nowadays people face mighty informative influence, and our organism does not have the necessary protective functions; this leads to the chronic lassitude syndrome and new forms of severe illnesses.

Most people's brain works in the way of the left cerebral hemisphere (which is concerns logical thinking) dominating over the right one. The essence of V.M. Bronnikov Method is ability of activation the right cerebral hemisphere via bioenergetics; this is concerned with creative thinking and super-conscious function activity. Both hemispheres start working together thus harmonizing the whole organism's vital activity.

The suggested way of diagnostics is new generation of scientific approach to diagnosing a person's state of health with the help of thin-matter phenomenons existing both inside and outside of the human body and carrying information about state of either particular cells, organs or systems of our organisms or about their general structure.

We dispose of technology with a human being as a scanning "device", for only a system in which living things study living things can provide a high level of objectivity.

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