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Attention! All experts in V.M. Bronnikov Method must possess a certificate of expert in training, a valid license agreement and author's procuration for teaching of the method.
To avoid various problems you should necessarily demand presenting these documents.

Сenters, Ukraine
Theodosia – Base information center (BIC), authorized human development center (AHDC) e-mail: bronnikov-author[dg]mail.ru; sites: www.fcrc.org.ua (BIC, AHDC), www.bronnikov.org.ua (BIC); address: 8-Marta str. 22, Theodosia, Crimea, Ukraine 98108; official – Vasilenko Vadim Olegovich (BIC), Balan Nina Pavlovna (AHDC).
Kiev – information center, regional human development center e-mail: bogdan[dg]bronnikov.kiev.ua, bogdan_bn@bigmir.net;
sites: www.bronnikov.kiev.ua, www.bronnikov.net.ua; phone: 8 1038-(068)044-13-00, (093)220-07-37,(096)900-24-12; official – Babiets Bogdan Nikolaevich
Kiev – information center e-mail: bronnikov-7ya[dg]ukr.net; site: www.bronnikov-7ya.org; phone: (8-10-38067) 417-53-20; official – Polischuk Vladimir Petrovich
Kiev – information center site: www.intellect-club.net.ua; phone: 8-066-210-63-36; official – Gromovoi Aleksandr Vasilievich
Bolshaya Yalta urban-type community Gurzuf «Artek» – information center «Arkadiya» e-mail: newperspektiv[dg]yandex.ru; site: www.newperspektiv.narod.ru; phone: 8-050-197-17-96
Сenters, Russia
Saint-Petersburgh – information center, regional human development center e-mail: vladimir[dg]bronnikov.org; site: www.bronnikov.org; phone: +7(911)9595856, +7(911)9975138; official – Bronnikov Vladimir
Moscow – information center, regional human development center e-mail: bronmethod[dg]mail.ru; site: www.broncenter.ru; phone: (495) 585-42-65, +7(916)835-18-35; official – Nataliya Bronnikova
Moscow – information center, regional human development center e-mail: info[dg]bronnikov.ru; sites: www.bronnikov.ru, bronnikovmethod.com, www.videnie.ru; official – Vardanyan Karen Gerasimovich
V.M.Bronnikov Method representatives dealing with the method popularization and distribution, Ukraine
Simferopol – method representative e-mail: viklilysam[dg]mail.ru; phone: +38-067-333-36-57; official – Shaimordanova Leila Rustemovna
Sevastopol – method representative e-mail: lusia999[dg]ukr.net; phone: +38-050-200-14-66; official – Tatarinova Ludmila Valerievna
Volnogorsk (Dnepropetrovsk region) – method representative e-mail: smalldem[dg]inbox.ru; phone: +38-067-79-33-551; official – Nazarova Ludmila Nikolaevna
Kharkov – method representative e-mail: karabulda[dg]mail.ru; official – Kobilnik Ekaterina Vitalievna
V.M.Bronnikov Method representatives dealing with the method popularization and distribution, Russia
Rostov-on-Don – method representative e-mail: yacovlenco[dg]yandex.ru; phone: 8-107-928-279-54-93; official – Yakovenko Roman Evgenievich
Chelyabinsk – method representative e-mail: astrolog[dg]chel.surnet.ru; phone: 8-107-3512-92-77-57, +7-902-864-15-52; official – Artamonova Larisa Pavlovna
V.M.Bronnikov Method representatives dealing with the method popularization and distribution – other countries, regions
USA, New Jersey – method representative e-mail: bohdan[dg]comcast.net, bohdan[dg]bk.ru; phone: +1-908-499-0269; official – Bohdan Borovetz
Holland, Rotterdam – method representative e-mail: info[dg]FocusTo.com; site: www.focusto.com phone: +31 180 599 930; fax: +31 180 599 931 official – Jolanda van der Bruggen
Sweden Uppsala – method representative e-mail: nkondrat[dg]spray.se; official – Kondratieva Natalia

Note: in order to defend from spam-bot in all e-mail addresses instead of @ symbol [dg] are used, don't forget to replace them for correspondence.

For the heads of centers:
If you would like to add or to change the contact information of your center, please contact us via e-mail: vladimir@bronnikov.org

Контактный телефон (068)044-13-00, (093)220-07-37,(096)900-24-12
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