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One of the main objectives of the «Informational Social Ecology of XXI Century» International Project is creating the new society, and we see this new society, this social environment in the club system of the International Academy of Human Development. We form it for ourselves.


The thin-matter world is the sphere which influences the quality of our lives whether we like it or not. The thin-matter processes correct our lives. And our club system means creating connections between us; it's a kind of a human Internet to which we are heading.

What is a club? It is made up of my friends and the friends of my friends, it means business relations as well as friendly chat. The clubs are based first of all upon trust and the inner qualities of personality.

The aim of our club system is first of all creating normal and civilized environment for us and for other people. We have already formed a wonderful team. I am not sure if we have experts who smoke or hit the bottle. For sure we do not have drug addicted people. There are no prohibitions for this, but all the negative things simply vanish and disappear. If the society is organized in the right way, all the problems are solved. In the nearest future only honest, industrious, talented, conscientious and orderly people will be able to survive in our society. All the rest are not kept in the society, and it is the right thing to do. The society is a conscious collective personality in itself; it must patronize its child, take care of him in every possible way to turn him into a right person. And a right person starts helping this society mightly.

The «Informational Social Ecology of XXI Century» program is aimed at creating a completely new family type, a new economics, a new business, a new science. Our society depends on us. All the prospects depend on the way we shall organize it. We would like you, your close friends or just people you know to come into this system. But as time goes by not all comers will become the part of our club system. Every year the selection will become stricter.

It is very important for creating the new society that everybody should develop super psychic abilities. This is the new education. The three levels of training that we offer are mainly meant for children. Any child, especially a sick one, has great potential which needs revealing. Children can astonishingly help us in our lives; they will make our aged people young again.

We are engaged into search of gifted children, and we are planning to create our schools not only in Saint-Petersburgh, but also in Theodosia and in other cities. A school of this kind is already under development in Moscow. Already in a year it will serve as a base where we shall be able to accept foreign children as well. This is a very interesting and original business. Such schools promote our technologies. Many people want to know the basis of our technology. We already have some business proposals from travel companies which are ready to demonstrate the success of such a school to people from various countries as well as to teachers, parents and others.

Hence our aim is versatile training of specialists in the spheres of economics, politics and spirituality which includes also raising the level of knowledge and opportunities of each of our club system members. Society formed by all of us needs new conceptions and new knowledge.

There are three directions in the club system under consideration; they are technology, culture and virtual psychology.

An expert armed with information and practical skills like that gets enormous prospects. At present time what the world needs most is a highly developed and talented personality. This is the most important want. And, believe me, this will make the most valuable commodity tomorrow.

We are required to accept the new psychology and new philosophic knowledge. The most unique people from all over the world come to us. Knowledge and technologies are being combined. We must systematize them and, in turn, offer them to other people coming here for rest, training and participation in our club system.

It should be noted that everybody who undergoes some training with us and becomes a member of our club will be influenced by this club. What does it mean? A very big volume of knowledge and abilities is required to go in for personal culture, personal health, personal education and nourishment technology. A single person, especially a grown-up, is hardly capable of covering this volume. One of the programs offered by our club system is «Design and Maintenance of Human Health». This is a completely new kind of medicine. We can carry out the diagnostics without establishing a direct contact and we can give specific advice. It turns out that one can design his own life and health and even manage this process. Just imagine the following situation. In future our provided consumer will get a fax in the morning with our specific recommendations on planning some certain events of his life. No interference, just suggestions.

Such technologies are becoming a part of our life. We offer certain intellectual commodity, and the foreign consumer who is mainly interested in health, development and new abilities provides great demand for our specialists.

We train medical specialists, we give them knowledge and technologies which will let them live a normal life even if the environment is aggressive. We create a completely new informational diagnostics, an expert examination of the causative processes inside the human body. Such diagnostics and expert examination can be carried out on water, foodstuff, living conditions. We are forming a special shop where all products will first be tested by our experts. We want to eat healthy food and live in normal living conditions. This is very important today and it will be even more important tomorrow. Moreover, foreign consumers are even more interested in this than we are.

Club system is an old principle, but it is the most effective one. We already have many proposals. People, companies, firms, big teams are coming. Normal people are being joined into a normal system. I would like people who are interested to come into our system and to bring their ideas. We shall consider them all.

At present we have started preparations for the next expedition «Thin-matter World Geography». Such expeditions will be held annually in Crimea. We have sanatoriums and various institutions at our disposal. Many organizations suggest their participation in such events. Wide-ranging and completely new technology of active rest for people is prepared to expand. A person coming to Theodosia will not only go to the beach; at the same time he will improve his health, he will learn something new, he will acquire some specialization depending on the level of his training, he will participate in the scientific programs of the Theodosia center of training.

It is planned to hold a preliminary examination of the client's health on the basis of which the quickest and the most effective sanitary course can be recommended. The club tourism we develop must be (and will be) the safest and highly efficient one for recovery of one's health and getting some practical skills in sanitation.

Those who have received training by the V.M. Bronnikov Method are invited to club trainings which are held on Mondays (19.00 - 21.00) in:

M. Sportivnaya, Bolshoi Prospekt, Petrogradskaya storona (entrance from the str. Pionerskaya, 2nd floor), 18 «Academy of Nation Security», department N13.

Club sessions are held in other cities, too. Consult the «Centers in CIS cities» section to contact the representative of the V.M. Bronnikov Method in your area.

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