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The Bronnikov Method is a unique method developed by Vyacheslav Michailovich Bronnikov, Academician, Ph.D., a well-known expert in the sphere of knowledge about human race and evolution of Solar System Space. The full name of the method is «Harmonization and development of functions of the human body organs and systems». This Method is based upon simple original principles and natural regularities; its main source is ancient knowledge about the human race. Vyacheslav Bronnikov has created a unique and extremely efficient system of human perfection on the basis of activation of the human body super-conscious function and its development in harmony with the consciousness and sub-consciousness functions.

New fantastic potential can be revealed by special simple exercises for the brain's right hemisphere development; nowadays it is nearly not activated at all because of ignorance. Those who master the Bronnikov Method acquire skills of not getting tired, standing various volumes of work, quick and competent restoring of one's vital energy. Such people develop their promptitude and various physical abilities. Training by this Method "turns on" the body functions which have not been used before. Your body starts clearing out all the pathologies. The brain development extends your memory possibilities and even adds new kinds of memory, e.g. photographic and biocomputer memory; new ways of vision are also developed.

People trained by the Bronnikov Method can see with closed eyes (blindfolded); they orientate themselves well and even read texts. Not only they can hold the energoinformational expert examination and corrections of their own vital activity, but they can also help other people. The blind acquire alternative vision (the star blind improve their vision), the deaf acquire alternative hearing, the paralyzed start moving and self-serving, the diabetics stop the growth of complications and reduce their insulin dependence. Vyacheslav Bronnikov himself thinks there is nothing unusual about this. He says, "We only develop the hidden abilities..."

The Bronnikov Method is based on the complex of special exercises of one of the secret Tao yoga branches which has been adapted for modern people. This Method lets you develop the energetical structures of your body, improve your blood circulation, activate your brain and the involuntary nervous system's work, strengthen your immunity and, in consequence, rejuvenate your body. The uniqueness of the method lies in the fact that it reveals the human abilities and at the same time it is quite comprehensible for both adults and children. It does not require isolation from your work and family. On the contrary, it favors your success in both personal and social life.

Both children and adults can do these simple exercises even at home. In a short space of time the human brain abilities, first of all those of the right hemisphere, start revealing. Memory and attention are developed. By way of developing the body sensitiveness and increasing the energy exchange one can restore his immune system and in fact cease getting sick; he can also get rid of many disorders. Thus by self-development people acquire new tools for perception of the world. For example, the biocomputer way of vision lets you see the surroundings on the base of new brain capacity and, vice versa, see yourself and your inner organs.

A blind person can be trained to see by this Method even if he has no eyes at all. The consequences of the infant cerebral palsy can be overcome by development of virtual direct and reverse biological links between the brain and the muscles. Diabetics improve their state noticeably. The Method exercises can also help the students to develop the unique abilities of biocomputer and photographic memory, operate great streams of information which are stored in various memory "files", just like in the case of conventional computer.

Progress of the Bronnikov Method students is covered in movies («I See with Closed Eyes», «The Way to Super-consciousness»), TV-programs, newspaper and magazine articles, materials of scientific conferences. Petents for this Method are already taken out in many countries.

New Bronnikov's scientific school develops a Homo Sapiens living in an empiric way into a Homo Conscious planning his life on the basis of knowledge about future events. New Human qualities create new science as well, a Science of a Homo Conscious, new education, new medicine based on the ethics of the Homo Conscious that lives spiritually. Spirituality is the way of knowledge about the laws and principles of the beginning and the end of the Divine Idea of the «Human».

New Human qualities create new science as well, a Science of a Homo Conscious, new education, new medicine based on the ethics of the Homo Conscious that lives spiritually. Spirituality is the way of knowledge about the laws and principles of the beginning and the end of the Divine Idea of the «Human».

This section uses material from encyclopedia of modern esotericism www.ariom.ru

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